'Santvana' in Sanskrit means Consolation. In 1995 some of us were called upon to visit and administer care to a woman dying of burn wounds. As we were taking care of that woman, she kept praying for divine consolation repeating the word 'Santvana' over and over again. That experience gave the group to begin a mission of consolation. Santvana is a registered charitable Society founded with the purpose of building a culture of love,
for restoring human dignity where it has been deprived and bringing consolation and healing to the needy and suffering people. Santvana community consist of both married couples and singles, some physically challenged persons, people of different walks of life and professions, who live in communion. The members of Santvana are full time volunteers who, prior to joining Santvana were working as teachers, advocates, artists, social workers, business professionals, etc
In “one God and Father (and Mother) of all, who is over all and through all and in all”. Holy Bible, Ephesians 4:6. In the equal dignity of every human person from conception till death, and beyond and in their..
• Our vision is to reach out to1000 marginalized children in a year.
• Institute 83 free education centers for marginalized group.
• To identify all school dropout children and to support them to continue their studies.
Santavna community provide different types of services with its limited resources .ie.Prem-Marg, the Path of Love , Counseling Services,Pro-life Services, Youth Services,5. Prayer Services for world Peace