Life in Harmony with Nature

The global culture this present age is cutting people off from a life in harmony with the nature, making them sick in mind, body and soul. Building a model community of people who live in harmony with the nature, motivate and teach others to do the same thus creating a culture of life, a culture of love is the goal of Santvana.

ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS PROGRAMMES aimed at creating awareness and sense of personal and communitarian responsibility to care for our common home, the Earth. The community promotes a life style in greater harmony with the nature along with organic cultivation. “U - Turn towards God and nature” is a five days retreat that explores the joy of living in relationship with God and in harmony with the nature.

SANTVANA VILLAGE is a dream project yet to be realised. Natural life style, organic cultivation, preference for natural remedies for treatment of sicknesses, simplicity of life, a life of trust in divine providence, dignity of labour are important values on which the life style of Santvana Village must be built. In order to realize this dream the community needs a larger area of at least five acres of land. We look forward to generous persons who are ready to donate the required land or help us buy it