Santvana Sahara

SANTVANA SAHARA is an educational project of Santvana Community to support & enable children, especially the marginalized. The Santvana Sahara provides a tutor, space for free coaching, educational assistance, awareness and counselling to marginalized or dropout children of Delhi suburbs. At present we are running 11 centres & 140 drop out children are benefitted by our activities. These children are from a very deprived background, living in the suburb area of the city where health & hygiene are of very poor quality. Children are forced to struggle for their basic needs. A standard education is an unattainable dream. Due to financial constraints, lack of motivation & awareness, children are compelled to drop their schooling, which is adding to the problem of illiteracy & child labor in our society.

• To provide educational assistance to children who are deprived of educational possibilities.
• To help the school dropout children to continue their formal education.
• To create health awareness, sense of hygiene.
• To educate children about the dangers of misuse drugs( drug abuse or misuse of drugs).
• To support the integral development of the personality of every child.
• To identify psychological disorders and to provide required therapy.
• Free tuitions for drop out children.
• Mainstreaming children to formal education.
• Guidance & Counseling to children & parents.
• Cultural Activities.
• Capacity building training for Teachers.
• Life orientation program for children.
• Medical checkup Camp for children once every 3 months.
• Parent- Teachers’ meeting every month.